Q. I graduated from more than one school—which school gets credit? Or, I’m a friend of The University of Baltimore—which school gets credit?

Start by selecting the first fund that you would like to support. Once selected, enter a gift amount and use the search bar to find a second fund. Then enter the amount you wish to allocate to that fund and click Next or continue adding funds. All multiple gifts count toward unit totals.

Q. Can I give over the phone by credit card and have it count?

Yes, you can make a gift with your credit card over the phone [410 837 4385]. Simply tell us what unit you want your participation to count toward.

Q. Is it safe to make my gift online?

Absolutely. The UBalt Giving Tuesday website utilizes a technology called GiveGab that is PCI Level 1-compliant. Credit card information will not be stored and is not accessible to GiveGab. The contact information you provide to The University of Baltimore will remain private and secure.

Q. Is there a minimum gift amount?

We ask that you make your gift $10 or more for this effort.

Q. Is my Giving Tuesday contribution tax-deductible?

Gifts to support The University of Baltimore are tax-deductible. After making a gift, you will receive an email confirmation that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes. Please consult your tax adviser if you have questions.

Q. Does it cost anything to give through UBalt Giving Tuesday? How much of my gift will The University of Baltimore receive?

There is a 3% technology fee and a 2.5% (+ $.30) bank fee for online donations made via credit card or mobile wallet. Donors who give at least $100 have the option to pay via direct bank withdrawal through Plaid; There is a 3% technology fee and a flat rate of $3 for online donations made via Plaid.

You have the option to cover these fees in addition to your gift. Note: Any donations processed outside of the Giving Tuesday Period, through GiveGab.com, or subsequent recurring donations are subject to transaction fees outlined on GiveGab.com.

Q. Need help or want to speak to a UBalt staff member?

Contact the Office of Annual Giving by phone 410 837 4385 or email annualgiving@ubalt.edu.